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Quality products start with quality materials. That’s why at Richa, only the best is good enough. Thanks to our solid partnerships with a number of leading brands, we can give you everything you need as a motorcyclist. From us you can expect nothing short of perfection.


As it's 7 to 10 times stronger than cotton and 3 times stronger than normal polyester fibres, you’re safe and secure with Cordura! The Teflon coating that comes as standard also makes sure that dirt and water don’t spoil your favourite outfit. But what’s the best of all? The colourfast nature of the fabric means you’ll be able to stylishly ride on the roads for many seasons to come! 


Only the best is good enough. From its use in bullet-proof and fragment-proof vests, Kevlar is renowned as a highly resistant fibre, which is precisely why the most critical zones in our clothing are protected with it. In Armacor, the main fabric is Cordura, but every 4th thread is weaved with Kevlar. giving it the highest resistance to abrasion of all textiles. That is exactly the kind of quality Richa stands for.


14 times more abrasion-resistant than Kevlar: is that possible? Yes, it is. With its unique pattern consisting of small, hard guard plates, Superfabric offers unrivalled protection. Apart from an extremely high protection against slashes and cuts, this fabric offers outstanding flexibility, making it an ideal textile to add to the crash zones of our clothing and gloves.


The crosshatch pattern in Ripstop offers excellent protection for critical areas. This weaving technique gives the fabric ultimate tensile strength, which not only makes it stronger, but also more tear-resistant. So Ripstop is the ideal companion for the adventurous biker who sometimes goes off-road.


Meet Softshell: water-repellent on the outside with a soft fleece lining, this is a breathable technical layer that’s stretchy, light, warm and flexible. Misjudged a curve or tested the functioning of your ABS again? No worries. This soft fleece lining absorbs your cold sweat and wicks the moisture away so all that your friends can comment on after the ride are your skills on the bike.

3M™ Scotchlite

Whenever you decide to ride at dusk or night, we support you with 3MTM Scotchlite. As a motorcyclist, good visibility is a matter of life or death. That’s why reflective materials are your guardian angel. At Richa, 3MTM Scotchlite is included as standard in a lot of our motorcycle gear, meaning you don’t need to additionally invest in a fluorescent vest or reflective tape. Just hop into your motorcycling kit and enjoy ultimate visibility and safety.