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Whether you park your bike away in the winter or ride throughout the year, Richa’s got your back. We make sure the conditions outside have no impact on your own temperature inside so that you can enjoy the moment to the full.

Primaloft Insulation

Down-insulated motorcycle gear? To those of us who are always cold, this sounds good, right? Primaloft Insulation is of course not made of down, but the next best thing: ultra-fine polyester fibres woven into a lightweight material. This offers similar insulation to down, but with the added advantage of not absorbing sweat. It delivers unequalled comfort, dryness and warmth.

Airvent System

Summer is the ideal time to get on the road, but sometimes you can’t stand the heat. At Richa, we let you keep your cool with our Airvent System. The perforated fabric cools down a large proportion of your body whilst you're riding, and creates the ideal temperature conditions (especially when combined with cool underwear). 

Airtech control system

When temperatures soar, you need to cool down, and what better way than going full throttle? Just make sure you open the zips on your Airtech control system to let the cool air flow through your jacket or trousers, and you’re good to go!


Although fashionistas immediately cringe at the word ‘fleece’, it does keep you nice and cosy at the very start or towards the end of the biking season. Unlike fibres, fleece is a nonwoven thread. In our exclusive production method, the fibres are felted, giving the fleece outstanding tear-resistant properties. Let those who follow the fads look on in envy.