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By putting the wishes and needs of motorcyclists first and foremost, and honing our groundbreaking technology day in day out, we ensure every biker a pleasant and comfortable ride. Because experience is high on our agenda, we also continuously invest in impeccable service, user-friendliness and constructive cooperation with our dealers. That’s how we offer motorcyclists all over the world a wide range of premium and innovative gear that delivers the best possible protection – and at the best possible prices.


High quality, maximum comfort and safety go hand in hand at Richa. Our quality labels such as the Gore-Tex waterproofness guarantee and D30® protection are not empty promises, but built up piece by piece over many years of research and extensive experience in practice. The fact we are also trusted internationally by police and defence forces is ultimate confirmation of our outstanding quality.


Technical constraints are there to be surmounted: it is with this bold statement that we push ourselves to do better and better every day. By continuously raising the bar and only accepting the best as good enough, we guarantee you utmost protection so that you can take to the roads safely, whatever the weather. In addition, we always take your wishes into account. The result is the highest level of protection that fits like a glove!


The best quality, for a fair and affordable price? That's what Richa delivers! Our unparalleled range is available in all sizes, colours and materials, with something for every budget. Whether you’re more into a pleasant Sunday ride, the thrill of cornering or a retro style, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for with us, and at a decent price. Every biker feels at home with Richa.


People have been relying on Richa for close to 70 years. Our friendly Belgian family business offers the ultimate biking experience under the motto ‘ride the limits’. Our extensive range of jackets, trousers, vests, gloves, accessories and boots, added to our solid partnerships with many suppliers, means we can now call ourselves the market leader across the Benelux.