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For most riders, motorcycling isn’t about looking cool, but if you have a café racer or a classic bike, a stylish outfit is never out of place. So, zip into that timeless leather jacket and enjoy a look that will never go out of style, just like the bike you ride. Our lifestyle gear is classy, comfortable and provides all the protection you need. All materials and technologies have been tested and approved by our in-house test lab and are 100% suitable for motorcycle use.

Adventure Jeans

kr 2615

Aim 2 Jeans

kr 1799

Arizona Gloves

kr 849

Atlantic Gore-Tex Gloves

kr 1499

Atlantic Urban Gore-Tex Gloves

kr 1669

Atom Hoodie

kr 1599

Atomic Air Jacket

kr 2199

Atomic WP Jacket

kr 2399

Avalanche Jacket

kr 1399

Bi-stretch Jeans

kr 2199

Bobber Gloves

kr 934

Boka WP Lady Jacket

kr 2399
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Boston Jacket

kr 4085 kr 2089

Boulevard Leather Pants

kr 3665

Broadway Jacket

kr 2299

Brooklyn Gloves

kr 649

Brooklyn Lady Gloves

kr 649

Brooklyn Pants

kr 2099

Brutale Jeans

kr 2089

Catwalk Jacket

kr 3979

Catwalk Pants

kr 3199

City Flow Jacket

kr 1799

City Gore-Tex Gloves

kr 1099

Classic Jeans

kr 2099