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Summer rides can get quite hot, but safety always comes first. That is why our summer motorcycle gear is designed to protect you from injury and from extreme heat. It is made of strong fabrics with efficient air ventilation that regulates your body temperature and prevents you from sweating. Our summer motorcycle gear combines abrasion-resistant fabrics with mesh panels to keep the air flowing on hot summer rides, while CE-rated reinforcements in all the right places keep you safe at all times.

Airbender Jacket

kr 1290

Airbender Jacket Lady

kr 1290

Airbender Pants

kr 1790

Airbender Pants Lady

kr 1790
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Airstream Lady Jacket

kr 2330 kr 1745

Airstrike 2 Jacket

kr 1490

Arizona Gloves

kr 790

Ballistic Sport Jacket

kr 4670

Basalt 2 Gloves

kr 390

Blast Gloves

kr 790

Blast Lady Gloves

kr 673

Bobber Gloves

kr 868

City Flow Jacket

kr 1690

Cool Summer Jacket

kr 1590

Cool Summer Lady Jacket

kr 1590

Cool Summer Lady Pants

kr 1990

Cool Summer Pants

kr 1990

Cruiser Gloves

kr 575

Cruiser Perforated Gloves

kr 690

Custom Gloves

kr 575

Custom Perforated Gloves

kr 690

Dakar Gloves

kr 690

Daytona 2 Perforated Jacket

kr 3793

Desert MX Logo Gloves

kr 250