“I am Levi Badie, 15 years and this show is about my moto-racing career. It all started in June 2016: we purchased a motorcycle: Yamaha YZF R125 (of 2012). On my birthday (end of July) we went for the first time riding on the karting circuit of Francorchamps. There we met the Dutchman Jan Sup, with his 2 sons: Luuk Sup and Thijs Sup. They drove for several years in the GAMMA Yamaha R125-Cup and drive now in the Yamaha R3-Cup. In 2017, I have ridden the GAMMA Yamaha R125-Cup, for the first time, for that we had the new model Yamaha R125. This is a Cup, organized by SOBW in the Netherlands, where all pilots races with equivalent engines. In season 2018 this is organized by the KNMV – NK Junior Racing.”

He have been driven on different tracks, in different countries:

  • Karting track Francorchamps, track Marche-en-Famenne, track Jules Tacheny in Mettet (in Belgium)
  • TT Junior Track in Assen, TT Circuit in Assen, track Pottendijk in Emmen, track De Landsard in Veldhoven, kart track in Berghem, street track in Staphorst (in the Nederlands)
  • Track Carole Roissy, track KLL in Douvrin, track in Lezennes, track in Juvaincourt, track in Croix-en-Ternois (in France)
  • Kartbahn Dahlem Binz in Dahlem, Kartbahn in Liedolsheim, Kartbahn in Wittgenborn (Germany)
  • Kartodromo Lucas Guerrero in Chiva, Circuito Ricardo Tormo, Circuito de la Ribera, Valencia (Spain)

About every 2 weeks they go on one of these circuits to practice.

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On these circuits there was not only practicing, but also races, that Levi already have reached some podiums:

“A nice collection of trophies is the result, and that for my first moto-racing year! I am proud!

  • In the Dutch Championship 2017: ended 10th, in the GAMMA Yamaha R125-Cup.
  • In the Belgian Championship 2017: ended 2nd, in the Yamaha R125-Cup.
  • In the Dutch Championship 2018: ended 6th, in the GAMMA Yamaha R125-Cup.
  • In the Belgian Championship 2018: ended 2nd, in the KTM 85-Cup.
  • In the Belgian Championship 2018: ended 3rd, in the Yamaha R125-Cup (ridden only 4 of the 7 contests).

In the year 2018, I have ridden different 1st places, with the Yamaha, with the KTM and with the Ducati as well. Result: a nice and more bigger collection of trophies than the last year ! I am very happy with the progression I made and still make !”

And offcourse about a really important person in his life:

“My good coach and mechanic is my father. He taught me a lot of techniques, ex: how I should use my brakes, how I should take my curves, which gears we use on that track, how I can improve my attitude on the moto, and so much more. We drive together also endurances.”

“Every time I go driving, I improve my lap times. After each match I disassemble the moto complete and he is thoroughly cleaned and checked, which is very important in the moto-sport. Between trainings and competitions in, I do fitness, where I’m also accompanied to watch my food. In the winter I even go more to the fitness to be sure to be fit for the next season.”

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The plans of Levi for this season (2019) are:

  • KicXstart Yamaha R125-Cup in the Netherlands and to ride Champion! (the Champion gets a Yamaha R3 available for the next season).
  • KTM 85-Cup in Belgium.
  • Some contests with a Moto 3.
  • take part in the Selection of the RED BULL Moto GP Rookies-Cup in Spain for season 2020.

“We bought a recent KTM 450 (of 2017) Supermoto to go for practicing this winter. We bought also a Ducati 748 to get more experiences on the big tracks. This all to prepare on the RED BULL Moto GP Rookies-Cup, where I want to take part of again this year.”

Racing Dates

Dates Championship Venue
13-14 April Francorchamps (Belgian Championship) Belgium
20 April Assen (NK MOTO Junior Racing) Netherlands
11 May Berghem (NK MOTO Junior Racing) Netherlands
18-19 May Francorchamps (Belgian Championship) Belgium
10 June Staphorst (NK MOTO Junior Racing) Netherlands
22-23 June Assen (NK MOTO Junior Racing) Netherlands
29-30 June Wittgenborn (Belgian Championship) Germany
13-14 July Assen (NK MOTO Junior Racing) Netherlands
19-20-21 July Francorchamps (Belgian Championship) Belgium
28-29 July Mettet (Belgian Championship) Belgium
8-9-10-11 August Juvaincourt (Belgian Championship) France
24 August Veldhoven (NK MOTO Junior Racing) Netherlands
24-25 August Juvaincourt (Belgian Championship) France
7 September Berghem (NK MOTO Junior Racing) Netherlands
7-8 September Assen (Belgian Championship) Netherlands
28-29 September Emmen (Belgian Championship) Netherlands
5-6 October Assen (NK MOTO Junior Racing) Netherlands
19-20 October Francorchamps (Belgian Championship) Belgium

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