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Motorcycle gear is a must for every rider, but if you like to push your bike a little harder, you better make sure you are wearing the best protective gear. RICHA racing outfits and accessories are designed for speed and performance, with a lightweight feel and heavyweight protection. Whether it's waterproof all-season styles or summer mesh jackets, motorcycle-ready denims or a pair of short gloves, RICHA has got exactly what you need.

Nikki Jacket

€ 379

Nikki Pants

€ 299

Savage 2 Lady Gloves

€ 119

Savage 2 WP Lady Gloves

€ 139

Stealth Lady Gloves

€ 79

Turbo Lady Gloves

€ 59

Warrior Evo Lady Gloves

€ 89

Waterproof Racing Lady Gloves

€ 79