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The customer is reminded that the legal warranty in case of non-conformity is of two years after receipt of the goods. The customer must inform RICHA of any possible non-conformity as soon as he notices it or should have noticed it, and in any case within two months of receipt. The warranty does not cover wear or abnormal use of the goods.

Every RICHA® product is guaranteed for 2 years of normal use.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to maintaining and repairing textile and leather garments. They have unique expertise, from simply replacing a zipper to "re-waterproofing" of your windbreaker, we are able to refresh all of your product's qualities.

Special case:

Bring your garment back to your dealer who will send it back to us. Depending on the repairs required, our after sales department will give you a price quote before doing any work.

Average work lead-time:

  • 10 to 14 working days in Benelux
  • 4 to 6 working weeks all over world*

After sales – warranty policy importer*
Europe – North America – South America – Africa – Australia – Asia

European regulation 1999/44/EG

Specification warranty

When do I get warranty?

If the owner of the RICHA® product in question can prove his purchase with an original receipt of purchase.
If the date of purchase is within the 2-year legal warranty, we will proceed with the after sales service, but in case of the product being older than 2 years, the warranty on the RICHA® product is surpassed.
All repairs that need to be done will be charged to the owner of the product after their approval.

Is my article still under warranty?

Please check your official receipt for the date of purchase.

Does RICHA® give warranty on goods bought in second hand?

We clearly state that RICHA® does not give any kind of warranty on goods purchased in second hand.

Is the warrant valid after a crash?

We clearly state that RICHA® does not give any kind of warranty on goods after having had an accident, crash, or any kind of “bad situation”.

Is the warranty valid after non-respecting the washing – handling instructions?

We clearly state that RICHA® does not give any warranty on goods, no matter what situation, where the washing or handling instructions have not been executed as mentioned on the labels provided in the product.

When do I get warranty?

The procedure to be followed in Benelux.

  • Your product has a malfunctioning/defect/… etc.
  • You bring back the article where it has been purchased (RICHA® dealer/ shop/pos) with the original receipt of purchase
  • The shop owner / after sales manager or responsible person in charge makes a first analysis. Accordingly, to the receipt of purchase, the person in charge will decide whether the warranty can be accepted or not
  • In case of acceptance, the responsible person will follow the procedure of sending the product back to the original manufacturers repair unit or the shop will send it to an approved repair shop
  • If the article can be repaired under warranty, the product will be delivered back to the shop in question within 4 - 6 weeks*
  • If the article cannot be repaired under the warranty, see different reasons above, either the approved repair shop, or the RICHA® repair unit has to make an estimation of the possible repair cost before repairing the product and the owner of the product has to be informed before

What can I expect under warranty executed by RICHA®?

We have a professional and qualified team through our dealerships and importers all over the world, used to handle warranty cases.
We will examine every single warranty request, through the staff of the dealership – importer or RICHA® staff.
In case off incorrect or faulty use, we will inform the shop or the owner that we reject the warranty on the product.
If we can repair the product under warranty, in this situation, we apply the commercial warranty.

When do I not get a warranty?

After examination of the RICHA® product and we notice any uncommon or unusual damage, or the problem is situated due to other than normal use, we will reject the warranty.
Conform the legal warranty, in particular in Belgium, a private person has 2 years of warranty on any kind or nature of product.
Although when the manufacturer notes any unusual damage caused from bad executed handling, accident or any kind of “bad situation”, the warranty will be rejected.


  • Under warranty = no extra cost to repair. No charge for the owner off the product.
  • No warranty = cost off repair will be charged to the owner off the product.
    Approximate cost €25/working hour excluded tax (21% VAT)”