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Winter is a great season to ride your bike, as long as you are wearing the right gear: a motorcycle jacket with a comfortable lining, gloves that keep your hands warm and dry, and motorcycle trousers designed for cold and wet weather. RICHA winter gear is equipped with multiple layers of lining, waterproof and abrasion-resistant outer shells, and extra reflective elements to increase your visibility on darker days. Extend your riding season with the right motorcycle outfit!

Alaska Gloves

CHF 99

Arc Gore-Tex Jacket

CHF 879

Arc Gore-Tex Pants

CHF 574

Arctic Gloves

CHF 149

Arctic Gore-Tex Gloves

CHF 149

Arctic Lady Gloves

CHF 149

Atacama Gore-Tex Jacket

CHF 779

Atacama Gore-Tex Pants

CHF 579

Atlantic Gore-Tex Gloves

CHF 179

Atlantic Gore-Tex Jacket

CHF 999

Atlantic Gore-Tex Lady Jacket

CHF 999

Atlantic Gore-Tex Lady Pants

CHF 649

Atlantic Gore-Tex Pants

CHF 649

Atlantic Urban Gore-Tex Gloves

CHF 183

Balaclava Seal Gore-Tex

CHF 65

Buster Gore-Tex Gloves

CHF 139

City Gore-Tex Gloves

CHF 149

Cold Protect Gore-Tex Gloves

CHF 189

Cold Spring 2 Gore-Tex Gloves

CHF 139

Cold Spring 2 Gore-Tex Lady Gloves

CHF 139

Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket

CHF 669

Cyclone Gore-Tex Lady Jacket

CHF 669

Cyclone Gore-Tex Lady Pants

CHF 519

Cyclone Gore-Tex Pants

CHF 519