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Whether you want to explore remote places or find adventure in your everyday commute, your touring motorcycle – and the right motorcycle gear – will take you anywhere. RICHA touring gear is designed to be both practical and comfortable. Some of our jackets, trousers, boots and gloves are multifunctional, while others have been designed for a specific use. If you are looking for the perfect companion for your motorcycle touring trips, these high-performance outfits are exactly what you need.

Airbender Jacket

CHF 199

Airbender Jacket Lady

CHF 199

Airbender Pants

CHF 189

Airbender Pants Lady

CHF 189

Airstream 2 Jacket

CHF 349

Airstream 2 Lady Jacket

CHF 286

Airstream-X Jacket

CHF 309

Airstrike 2 Jacket

CHF 219

Airvent Evo 2 Pants

CHF 252

Airvent Evo 2 Pants Lady

CHF 252

Airvent Evo Lady Pants

CHF 279

Airvent Evo Pants

CHF 279

Alaska Gloves

CHF 99

Arc Gore-Tex Jacket

CHF 879

Arc Gore-Tex Pants

CHF 574

Arctic Gloves

CHF 149

Arctic Gore-Tex Gloves

CHF 149

Arctic Lady Gloves

CHF 149

Atacama Gore-Tex Jacket

CHF 779

Atacama Gore-Tex Pants

CHF 579

Atlantic Gore-Tex Jacket

CHF 999

Atlantic Gore-Tex Lady Jacket

CHF 999

Atlantic Gore-Tex Lady Pants

CHF 649

Atlantic Gore-Tex Pants

CHF 649