Making fabrics waterproof is easy, but creating a waterproof garment that is also breathable and wicks away sweat is something entirely different. It is this unique combination of weather protection and comfort that makes Gore-Tex different from any other kind of material. Gore-Tex fabrics offer touring fans and other motorcycle riders protection against all weather conditions, and a comfortable, light feel. It's quality with a lifelong guarantee: the best of both worlds!

Arc Gore-Tex Jacket

€ 699

Atacama Gore-Tex Jacket

€ 599

Atacama Gore-Tex Pants

€ 479

Atlantic Gore-Tex Jacket

€ 799

Atlantic Gore-Tex Lady Jacket

€ 799

Atlantic Gore-Tex Pants

€ 499

Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket

€ 499

Cyclone Gore-Tex Lady Jacket

€ 499

Cyclone Gore-Tex Pants

€ 399