Pittards' KERATAN is a unique leather treatment designed to significantly increase the abrasion protection and durability of Pittards' finest performance goatskin leathers.

An exciting high performance leather, KERATAN now offers the wearer extreme levels of abrasion resistance, making it highly relevant to a wide range of applications where abrasion resistance is vital.

The key to Pittards' KERATAN technology lies in its unique ‘etched diamond' surface treatment. Bonded to the leather's fibre structure, this patterned surface allows the leather to retain its flexibility and water resistance while achieving maximum abrasion protection.

When it comes to total control and ultimate abrasion protection only KERATAN comes up to scratch. 

The benefits of KERATAN™ are:

  • extreme levels of abrasion resistance
  • retained performance, functionality and comfort
  • longer effective life
  • combined with FireBloc II, can be made flame retardant Martindale abrasion test;
  • 45,000 revolutions to hole (average value 1mm thick WR100)

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